Summer Travels #1

Ok here we go with my first real post.  I have been travelling quite a bit this summer and recently returned from my third major trip of the season from Oklahoma where I taught a photo  workshop at the Museum of the Red River in Idabel.  I will cover that trip in a future post, but for this opening I want to start with my first big trip taken in mid June through the upper midwest.  I was scheduled to attend a conference  and work shop on Field Computing in Education sponsered by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) that was held in Door County Wisconsin at Lawrence Universitys Bjorklunden.  I decided to drive to the conference and do photography on the way and after over a space of about 2.5 weeks. It was a fabulous trip photographing  in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wyoming with total miles travelled being 5,312!  Photographically it was very productive, particularly with new prairie images from Nebraska and North Dakota.  My first day was spent in Nebraska in the Sand Hills region, an area I first visted last year. Because of lots of Spring moisture the grass was amazing. I camped at Smith Lake and made several really nice images at sunset and also sunrise the next morning. Below is one of my favorite images from that first evening

Sunset light on the prairie grass in the Sandhills, Nebraska

Sunset light on the prairie grass in the Sandhills, Nebraska ©Stephen Weaver

What  I was attracted to in making this image was the amazing warm sunset side light which illuminated the grasses as well as the strong layers with diagonals of the receding hills accented by the light. As with all strong photographs the presence and capture of dynamic light is the key that makes this image work. It was a great start to my trip!


5 responses to “Summer Travels #1

  1. Outstanding image, Steve. I particularly like the three hills from right to left, progressing to the horizon. Do you know what type of grass is shown in the foreground? Beautiful shot, and I’ll have to visit the Sandhills again soon.

  2. Thats a lovely pic sir.
    It looks so calm and serene. Very scenic and the sunset burn adds so much more to the pic.
    awesome !

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying spending time on your website and your blog. Your photos are spectacular. I’d like to know if you have plans to lead any workshops in the near future. And, also, would you please write more about your workshop in Idabel, Oklahoma?

  4. Hello, Steve. I am hoping that you might donate your GORGEOUS photo of the Nebraska sandhills for a book that I am writing about Nebraska. All proceeds from the book go to a 501(C)3 organizations, and all photographs in the book have been donated. Of course, you would be credited on the Picture Credit Page. The book has been endorsed highly by two well-respected people.

    Could we discuss this via e-mail? I would so appreciate the opportunity to explain this in further detail to you.

    With such appreciation,


  5. Dee Lichtenberger

    Can this picture be used? If so how do I go about making arrangements?
    It would be a one time event. I live in Callaway, NE a little town of aprox. 600 people just at the edge of the sandhills.

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