Year in the Life of a Camera show

In 2004 I participated in a unique photography project which became known as A Year in the Life of a Camera. Basically what this project entailed was one camera, a Canon AE-1  35mm film camera, being provided to one photographer to use for one week to photograph anything that photographer was interested in with the only rule being that the photographs would be Black and White! Fifty-two photographers participated resulting  in images made over a complete calendar year. Each photographer submitted 3 images and we all got together to pick one from each participant. These 52 images became the Year in the Life of a Camera Exhibit. The exhibit has been shown in several venues and for the next month will be shown in Colorado Springs Colorado at Heebee Jeebees located at 318 E. Colorado Ave. The opening reception will be August 7, 2009.

KRCC’s The Big Something has a great slide show and interview with my friend  and one of the main organizers,Heather Oelklaus about the show here:


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