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Exploring the Square Composition

One of the important compositional tools available to the photographer is considering the orientation and  final aspect ratio of the image. One option is the classic square format. The following images are all square compositions cropped from the 2:3 aspect ration of  35mm digital captures, and each of them illustrates the  strength of a square composition.  The next time you are out photographing and searching for an image try thinking square!



2014 Favorite Images

2014 was a good year for me photographically. The highlight of the year was a trip to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve where my wife and I spent two weeks cruising on her sister’s boat. We had typical SE Alaska weather with a mix of rain, clouds and sunshine, and I was able to make a number of landscape and wildlife images that communicate the spirit of the place. Other work ranges from the Grand Canyon and Colorado mountains and valleys to the plains of Kansas.

Enjoy this Bakers Dozen of my favorite images from 2014!

Sea Otter Fairweather Range Froliking Sea Lions Sea Lion Bull & Harem Brown Bear Misty Mountain Grand Mesa Aspen Uinta Mountains Frosty Meadow Grand Canyon Sunrise South Park Marsh Meadow Yampa River Valley Light Medano Ranch Summer Storm Cheyenne Bottoms sunset