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2014 Favorite Images

2014 was a good year for me photographically. The highlight of the year was a trip to Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve where my wife and I spent two weeks cruising on her sister’s boat. We had typical SE Alaska weather with a mix of rain, clouds and sunshine, and I was able to make a number of landscape and wildlife images that communicate the spirit of the place. Other work ranges from the Grand Canyon and Colorado mountains and valleys to the plains of Kansas.

Enjoy this Bakers Dozen of my favorite images from 2014!

Sea Otter Fairweather Range Froliking Sea Lions Sea Lion Bull & Harem Brown Bear Misty Mountain Grand Mesa Aspen Uinta Mountains Frosty Meadow Grand Canyon Sunrise South Park Marsh Meadow Yampa River Valley Light Medano Ranch Summer Storm Cheyenne Bottoms sunset


Best of 2013

As we  rapidly approach the end of 2013 and look toward 2014 I have been reviewing the photographs I made to choose a 10 best list. This is always a  difficult choice and since I did a fair amount of traveling this year I have a variety of images to choose from. From the Canadian Rockies and the plains of Kansas, to Florida and the Blue Ridge of North Carolina, I experienced some great light and artful compositions!   Enjoy!


September Print of the Month : Canyon Autumn, Zion NP

The print of the month for September 2011 will be Canyon Autumn, an image I made in Zion National Park.

I am looking forward to Fall Colors in Colorado and then on a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in October!


The Joy of Clouds

There is nothing less interesting to me as a landscape photographer than a bright clear cloudless sky, but add some clouds and marginal weather with interesting light and wow, some magical images can be made. A great example of this is my Bison and Crestone Peaks image where the sun lights up the layers of clouds formed  from an inversion and a clearing late Spring storm with fresh snow on the peaks . Earlier in the morning the valley was blanketed in fog and I was able to make some interesting images but as it started to burn off, this  amazing scene was revealed.  Clouds can add a dynamic element to any landscape and can make any image truly unique.

I will offer two additional examples, a black and white image of amazing cumulus cloud build up over the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona in July, and early morning  clouds over the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma. Without the clouds my camera would have stayed in the bag.

Cumulus Cloud Build-up over the Chiricahua Mountains, AZ

Tall Grass Prairie Morning, Oklahoma

Taking another look: finding new images among the old.

In getting ready for the upcoming Colorado College Arts and Craft show I have been revisiting older images in my files looking for new stock to print.  I impose on myself very high standards for images that  I offer  for prints so usually very few selects from a particular trip  ever become  a fine print on paper.   However sometimes  a subsequent look after the passage of time will reveal an image that  deserves to be printed, and in my search for some new images to offer  I did indeed find a few more gems on my hard drives:

Aspen,Willows and Pines, Teton NP, Wyoming

I made this image in Teton National Park in the Fall of 2007.  The soft cloudy afternoon light that made the Autumn colors pop, and the strong composition of layers of grass, willows and aspen make this image worthy of  printing. Enjoy.

Social Networking: Find me on Facebook

After much thought and quite frankly a  bit of reluctance, I have today  entered  the world of social networking by starting a facebook page.  I view facebook as a complement to this blog and my website to reach out to friends, colleagues and clients. Check it out for news, show announcements, notes on trips, and coming soon,  announcement of workshops I will be giving.

Welcome to my new photography blog

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my new  blog where I will provide news and musing about my travels to pursue my creative passion for landscape and nature photography.  I will offer general thoughts on photography and as I return from trips I will post selected images and offer my thoughts on why and how I made the image. I hope that this will give you an insight on how I work and approach my goal to capture the art and beauty of the natural world. Stay tuned! and don’t forget to check out my main website :, where you can view over 300 of my images ranging from the alpine environments and red rock canyons of the West to the sweeping prairies of the Great Plains.